GBI expert services and staffing solutions for International Embassies in India

GBI expert services and staffing solutions for International Embassies in India


We are currently offering our staffing solution to International Embassies in India wherein, a GBI staff member can work full time as a resource for the Embassy either on-site or remotely. The resource will bring along with them a good understanding of technology, markets, strong interpersonal and managerial skills, to work with the Embassy guided by the GBI team. The service can be offered across  Strategy development and Implementation. 

And can include supporting international embassies as an extension of your team for :

- Tech SME and start-up market access and  internationalization – market research reports, partner/customer/investor           identification, scheduling meetings, participation in events

- Tech and Innovation cross border programs and events

- Thematic/Sector focussed platforms in cleantech, digital, biotech, etc

GBI will be fully responsible for the proper execution of the tasks by the GBI staff placed at the Embassy and work in tandem for achieving your country’s goals with India. GBI can also carry out ad hoc tasks at the request of the Embassy. The service is aimed at strengthening the cooperation between your country and India in the areas of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.