EU-South Asia Investor and Start-up Internationalization Focus

EU-South Asia Investor and Start-up Internationalization Focus

Asia is of significant geostrategic importance to the EU, forging closer ties with countries in South Asia as a strong economic player and a major development and aid donor. Despite the consequences of the pandemic, such as economic lockdowns and lack of investor confidence, start-up investments in South Asia soared high, nearly doubling during the covid-19 period. In recent years, Europe’s start-up ecosystem has seen a surge in the number of unicorns and the pace at which they are created. 

The EU is organising the first event of the EU-South Asia Investor networking platform -  EU-South Asia Investor and Start-up Internationalization Focus Event that connects the three major angel and investor networks of Europe, India and Sri Lanka/South Asia with the objective to explore cross border collaboration and connect opportunities for investors and start-ups between the regions.

We invite investors from Europe, Sri Lanka and India to register and take part to know more about the opportunities in these markets.

Date - 22nd September 2021

Time- 10:00am - 13:30pm (CEST)/ 13:30pm - 17:00pm (IST)

Platform - Zoom 

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About the Event

This event includes eminent speakers from the investor network partners and ecosystem stakeholders talking about the vast opportunity in each of the markets and also aim to raise awareness and instil confidence among investors and start-ups to look beyond their home territory for expanding their business. 

 The session will also focus on the challenges and opportunities of venturing into a new country which can help investors and their start-ups make better-informed decisions. The event will showcase success stories of cross border investments from the networks and also successful start-ups who have scaled internationally. Please find attached the agenda. We invite you, investors, to participate along with their start-ups. 

About the Platform 

 The platform is facilitated by the EU in collaboration with European Business Angels Network (EBAN), Lankan Angel Network (LAN) and Indian Angel Network (IAN). The platform would include a series of consultative discussions, investor connect events, roundtables and start-up pitch sessions.

 This platform aims to enable trust and relationship building between European, Sri Lankan and Indian investors. Through this platform the investor networks will be able to grow their investment portfolio and expand to new markets. The networks can also use the EU South Asia Start-Up Help Desk to help their portfolio start-ups grow to new markets. The platform is also aiming to enable a facility to de-risk cross border investments and create a structure and understanding of tax and legal processes of investing internationally.

Please write to [email protected] if you have any queries.