Biodiversity means Business: Industry

Biodiversity Means Business Event: Stakeholder Engagement - 27th April 2021

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The EU Delegation in India along with Global Business Inroads (GBI), under a project funded by the European Union, and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing a half-day online event, on April 27th, 2021. The virtual session titled “Biodiversity means Business: Industry” will focus on ambitious landscape restoration and biodiversity actions taken up in India and the growing role that business,  industry and investment can play. This will help to understand the commitments and ambition of the industry to confront the issues of biodiversity loss and climate change. The session also aims to bring brainstorming ideas on biodiversity opportunities in India.
The European Commission has launched a program called “Biodiversity means LIFE”, to illustrate the socio-economic benefits of the EU Green Deal Strategy in India (in particular as regards biodiversity in land use and coastal areas, and biodiversity in green infrastructures/nature-based solutions.
The objective of the Biodiversity means Business: Industry program would be to present the:
b) SCALEABLE INWARD INVESTMENT POSSIBILITIES that could be tapped to scale technology access and deployment based on business opportunities.
c)  BENEFITS OF INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION to create the enabling frameworks that allow Indian businesses to serve these growing markets and win inward investment
d) Creating an enabling framework (finance, capacity, research, innovation, and technology) based on a financial needs and gap assessment.
e)  Using practical examples of projects to demonstrate the feasibility and needs of a time, deliverable and business-based approach to improving biodiversity, landscape restoration, and livelihoods in India using technology interventions from Europe, India, and around the world and connecting them to real business opportunities, develop local business models and leveraging international and local financing and investment opportunities.


Benefits from joining and participating in  this virtual event:

  • Overview of Tech access and deployment strategies for Biodiversity projects in India
  • New opportunities and potential impacts of biodiversity
  • Bringing focus on the biodiversity impact projects among the investors and corporates
  • Presenting ongoing biodiversity project in North India by a Netherland based NGO
  • Projecting the importance of Agroforestry projects with a focus on NTFPS and market linkages
  • Sharing an overview of financial aspects for biodiversity-based projects
  • Showcasing sustainable business models in the biodiversity space

Please find the draft agenda here