EU – India Digital Business and Investment Roundtable

EU – India Digital Business and Investment Roundtable


The relationship of India with Europe is continuously changing & transforming for the better. India-EU relations date to the early 1960s, with India being amongst the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the European Economic Community. The two sides adopted a Joint Action Plan to strengthen dialogue and consultation mechanisms in the political and economic spheres, enhance trade and investment, and bring people and cultures together. The parties share an interest in enhancing sectoral cooperation to uphold an open, free, stable and secure digital space and promote common approaches and standards for the digital transformation of industry and society. There is a momentum to organise enhanced exchanges in the respective EU and Indian digital ecosystems, and substantial contributions can be made to a common digital future.

To enhance the bilateral relationships and economic development, the Delegation of European Union to India, in collaboration with Global Business Inroads (GBI), Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), NASSCOM | The trade association of Indian IT BPM industry, and Particip, has launched the EU – India Digital Business and Investment Roundtable. An EU-India Digital Investor and Business Forum is being organised as a roundtable which aims to pave the way to the Digital Investment Forum. This EU-India Digital Business and Investment Roundtable is being planned as initial Round-table preparing the Digital Investment Forum. This Roundtable will gather incubators, start-ups, investors, corporates, SMEs, and organisations working in building bridges between India and EU for digital investment.

The main objective of this event is be to gather stakeholders’ views on investment climate, challenges and opportunities. Policymakers from EU and India are invited to set the scene, and listen. The purpose is to collect analytical elements and suggestions helpful to boost business and investment growth driven by the digital transformation. The scope of discussion will encompass elements of market access and investment (tools and resources, market and opportunities knowledge, investigation and prospective, support, facilitation schemes, collaboration, partnership and co-creation, regulatory framework, infrastructure, skills, access to finance, upscaling possibilities, transparency, predictability, security, privacy, human and financial mobility…) specific to the digital universe.

The program will allow participants to comment both on the possible institutional support they would see fit to increase bonds between EU and India for digital transformation and investments, and also on practical solutions and proposals to enhance cross-fertilisation and investment. The round-table will help structuring the approach of EU-India High Level Digital Investment Forum, to be organised by the end of 2021, and possibly identify areas where further research/analysis could be implemented to have an outcome-based forum.

EU-India Digital Business and Investment Roundtable

Date: July 23rd, 2021

Time:  10:00 – 13:30 CEST / 13:30 – 17.00 IST

Venue: Online Zoom event

 Draft Agenda




Opening Session – Plenary – 1 hour





Welcome remarks - context setting

Leena Pishe Thomas, Director - Global Business Inroads (GBI)



Opening Address

H.E. Mr. Ugo Astuto, Ambassador of the European Union to India



Policy perspective (EU-India strategic   partnership, connectivity partnership,    ICT dialogue)

Gerard de Graaf - EU, co-chair of the EU-India ICT joint group Director DG CNECT

Bhuvnesh Kumar, IAS, Joint Secretary - MeitY



Objective of the Roundtable leading to   Digital Investment Forum

Alvis Ancans - International Relations Officer European Commission, DG CONNECT

Benoit Sauveroche - First Counsellor at the Delegation of the European Union to India



State of play on ongoing EU-India networking events and investor-start-up   sessions (EU VC Connect, India VC  connect and Digital B2b meetings)

Gagan Sabharwal, Senior Director - Global Trade Development, NASSCOM

Leena Pishe Thomas, Director – Global Business Inroads (GBI)



Facilitating the admission and growth of   EU-based start-ups in India and Indian   Start-Ups in the EU

Seeta Sharma, Technical Officer International Labour Organization (ILO), India

Breakout Sessions


14:30- 15:45

5 groups of Stakeholders-European and Indian representatives will share their views in Four Breakout Sessions and One Plenary Session: EU and Indian stakeholders can share their vision and inputs in a cross-over way. Each participant will be given a set of questions prior to the event, and present his/her views at the breakout session for 5 minutes. The work of the moderator will be to challenge in the last 10 minutes some relevant views to reach agreed conclusions or suggest new avenues of reflection

Breakout Session I

  • Corporate Associations: Market Access Barriers, Ease of Doing  Business, Sectoral SWOT

Moderator – Elena Suárez Sánchez,   Business Europe

Breakout Session II

  • Investor Networks, Investors:   Challenges, Opportunities, Collaboration

Moderator – Jacopo Loso, EBAN

Breakout Session III

  • Matchmakers /Chambers of commerce and SME Networks: Market penetration, Challenges and      Opportunities, Policy/Regulatory    Support

Moderator – Jose Jacob Kalayil, Bavarian-Indian Centre for Business and University Collaboration

Breakout Session IV

  • Incubator networks / incubators/start-up hubs/start-ups: Mentoring to understand market, Opportunities, Funding and Policy/Regulatory support

Moderator – Navratan Katariya, NASSCOM



Plenary Session Breakout Session V

EU-India Corporates: Investing / fostering innovation in the other block

Moderator - Mr. Shivendra Singh, Vice President & Head - Global Trade Development – NASSCOM  

Final Plenary Session – ½ hour

13:00-  13.30


Summary from breakout sessions – The moderators will share the summary of their    breakout sessions including key outputs in terms of themes and topics for feeding to      preparation for Digital Investment Forum.

  1. Elena Suárez Sánchez, Business Europe
  2. Jacopo Loso, EBAN
  3. Jose Jacob Kalayil, Bavarian-Indian Centre for Business and University Collaboration
  4. Navratan Katariya, NASSCOM

Next Steps and Closing Remarks – EUD/MEiTY