Clean-tech: i-engineering , renewable energy-based mini-grids (2017 - ongoing)

Scope of Work:

In collaboration with global infrastructure company - - we are now offering renewable energy based mini-grids in India in the range of 500w - 500kw.
A mini-grid is a power solution that leverages a combination of solar, battery, grid, minimum diesel to provide 24/7 clean and reliable power to commercial, industrial,  residential, government, communities. 
The aim is to cut diesel usage, provide reliable clean power and make our homes and businesses self-sufficient. The good news is that we can do this as an energy services / OPEX model where we invest, build, own and operate on your behalf or a CAPEX model.



Identify key areas for business opportunities in India (such as rural/ remote/ areas that have difficulties connecting to the main distribution network) .

Manage discussions with potential partners, and install the device and coordinated services with partners in India.