Clean-tech: Indo - Taiwan clean tech exchange: Gloria Energy Asset Co. [2017 - ongoing]

Scope of Work:

Gloria Energy Asset Co. is an on-grid and off-grid energy storage provider based in Taiwan. They manufacture an energy storage device - “Energy Storage w/Dual Hybrid Inverter”.

GEAC's Energy Storage System is heavy duty power system that can provide consistent power when you need it.  The System features dual 4kW hybrid inverters along side dual MPPT's stacked with Li-ion Batteries from Panasonic provides 8kW active power.  At  175cm height its about as tall as the average person. This system is space efficient and powerful source for energy.    

GBI is supporting GEAC in entering the Indian market and in deploying their technology.


Identify key business opportunities for international trade and projects.

Manage discussions with potential partners, and install the device and coordinated services with partners in India.