GBI Survey Report - Identification of gaps & opportunities for innovation inclusion to improve "E" in ESG

GBI Survey Report - Identification of gaps & opportunities for innovation inclusion to improve "E" in ESG

Businesses are deeply intertwined with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns. ESG assessments are very helpful and allow companies to prepare their strategies for taking care of regulatory compliances and build a roadmap for risk mitigation which their organization identifies as a material risk to their operation during ESG assessment. Environment or “E” amongst them, of all, is the trickiest one to solve. An easy shortcut way to fulfill one's compliance is the purchase of carbon credits from Voluntary Carbon Markets but a more practical and sustainable way would be to make internal changes to one's operation to bring about a more impactful and meaningful change. This can be brought about by adopting innovative technologies to cut down on emission factors from one's baseline emissions.

We know that the threats from climate change can extend decades into the future and have unpredictable outcomes. The adoption of innovative technologies provides an opportunity to meet these challenges in a way that mitigates threats and finds opportunities for achieving organizational goals that provide business value and benefit to the global community. By embracing technology innovation that encourages process efficiency and reduced waste, organizations can reduce carbon emissions and energy expenditure, which means improved ESG ratings, better brand image, and reduced cost of poor quality.

We at Global Business Inroads (GBI) understand that this is a very niche area and not many must be aware of the potential it has, therefore we conducted an online survey to do primary research to understand the Indian market and understand the gaps in the market which will ultimately help us in recognizing the market potential in this domain.

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