The Global Technology Interface ( (2017 - ongoing)

Scope of Work:

The Global Technology Interface™ platform was developed by Global Business Inroads in 2017, a portal to showcase technology and innovation, with a focus on clean-tech, biotech and information technology, where you will discover new international partners, customers and investors. GTI’s objective is to make it easier and cost-effective to scout for technology or to display an opportunity, bridging the gap in tech access and deployment. GBI conceptualized and developed to better serve our technology clients from various regions across the globe, access new markets and find potential customers, partners and investors in a cost-effective strategy.


  • The Global Technology Interface™ (GTI™) is an online portal for companies, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, startups and R&D institutions to showcase innovative technologies and facilitate collaborations in technology, science, research, and business on a global platform in a sustained manner. GTI™ functions as a global market place where biotech, clean-tech and ICT entities can identify partners, investors and customers across geographic boundaries. All users on GTI are pre-verified, therefore all users and tech opportunities displayed are real and active offers. In less than one year, GTI has over 75 technology entities in cleantech, biotech and informational technology.
  • GTI has leading partners such as Cambridge Cleantech, Karlsruhe Univeristy, China Cleantech Collaboratory, Prospect Silicon Valley, Center for Green Economy (Taiwan), and the Global Cleantech Cluster Association, on display on the platform.
  • GTI™ has the ability to host Innovation Calls where companies can scout for a specific innovation and post an application form with their requirements and a time frame to apply - this has helped several large corporates we have worked with identify key partners and technologies in sectors such as medical waste management, de-centralized waste management, energy storage, etc. GTI has piloted a transnational entrepreneurship program, where startups in Germany in partnership from Karlsruhe University were able to connect with verified Indian IT companies, to leverage talent from both countries and scale transnationally.