Biodiversity means Business II: Greener EU-India Supply Chains & Technologies, June 2nd, 2022.

Biodiversity means Business II: Greener EU-India Supply Chains & Technologies,  June 2nd, 2022

The EU Delegation to India along with Global Business Inroads (GBI) is organizing a full-day online event, on June 2nd, 2022. Under the general title "Biodiversity means LIFE", the 2021-2022 EU campaign is meant to illustrate in the first place the socio-economic benefits of adapting the EU Green Deal Strategy in India (in particular as regards biodiversity in land use, coastal areas, and green infrastructures/nature-based solutions). The “Biodiversity means Business II: Greener EU-India Supply Chains & Technologies” event will wrap up the campaign, and inputs from experts and practitioners will be provided, collected, analysed and summarised in a final end-of-campaign report which will be ready before the CBD COP15 in 2022 Q3. 


This event address the adaptation, promotion and enforcement of greener corporate and public policies, technology, innovation, and models at the national, state and city levels. The scope of discussion will encompass all the elements of the (draft) Global Biodiversity Framework but with a specific focus on 4 Aspects of biodiversity conservation restoration in India & EU: 


  • Terrestrial Landscapes
  • Marine/Coastal & River Ecosystems
  • Wildlife and habitats protection
  • Wetlands.


The objective of the Biodiversity means Business II: Greener EU-India Supply Chains & Technologies program would be:

a) To assess and explore possible EU-India supply chains trade and economic sectors that could best illustrate and most swiftly realise the socio-economic and biodiversity potential of conservation and restoration in business practices in India.
b) To identify and encourage possible improvements in the regulatory or business environment in India or the EU, as enabling factors and catalysts of such a transition.
c) To align policies and stakeholders to help them understand, measure and achieve aspirational  Global Biodiversity Framework targets.


The program is divided into two broad sessions, with the first part focusing on bringing together EU & India businesses and stakeholders for dialogues on adaptation, promotion and enforcement of more nature-friendly (corporate and public) policies, technology, innovation, business levels and solutions at the national, state and city levels. The second part is pre-set B2B session, which will bring together EU and Indian tech companies – adopters (public or private) and financing organisations for collaboration.


Please register here to participate in this program:

We will also be showcasing 50 technologies be business models for biodiversity actions in India with various stakeholders from the public and private sectors. Please apply for the innovation call if you would like to participate in the B2B meetings or if you would like to showcase your technology or business models.