Testimonials - Fostering collaborations in Digital Transformation between India and EU

In the previous 3 editions of the India- EU digital networking sessions, we are happy to update that around 27 EU companies and 50 Indian companies participated and we facilitated over 110 B2B meetings. The sessions went well and we received positive feedback from the European participants. The following are some of the testimonials and glimpse of the event: 

“Fantastically organised, perfect timing..I cannot imagine a better performance.”- TERALCO (Enrique Martín Gullón, BoD member & Senior Advisor)

“I really enjoyed the whole event, and I feel that it was worth my time and effort. I had really interesting discussions with all four companies that I met and exchanged information on their offerings & capabilities. Overall I am impressed with the quality of the Indian companies that I met (i.e., with the range of products and services they offer; their global presence; their portfolio of customers; the flexible arrangement of service contracts they offer; and, the certificates of Quality that they carry). I am satisfied with the overall quality of the event, its organization, planning & execution of the B2B networking. I do not see any need to improve the event as it stands, in terms of its original purpose of helping Indian companies reach out and offer their services in response to the challenges facing companies worldwide in their digitization plans.” - STRATEGIS (Gregory S. Yovanof, Ph.D. Managing Director)


“PERFECT ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURE WITH EXCELLENT SCHEDULED MEETINGS PLAN.” -  TMODA (Federica Leonetti, Chairperson Textile & Fashion Sector Group, Enterprise Europe Network)


“The business matches were appropriate and liked the organization, the professionalism of attendees.” - TERA S.R.L (Angela Palmirotta, BDM & Digital Strategist)


“1:1 meetings allows you to have specific and detailed discussions on the solution needs.” - Siemens Healthineers. (Shyam Harinath, Venture Technology Manager)


“It was a very useful event. It was organized perfectly. The meetings were placed in a good sequence and I did not have to wait between two consecutive meetings. I wish I was introduced to such possibilities earlier.” - ID-Diamonds BV (Gaurang Gohel, Managing Director Sales)


“It is a pleasure to scan international markets and meet unknown organization for possible business opportunities” - GBIM srl - GRUPPO GPI (Andrea Buccoliero, Project Manager - R&D Dept.)


“The event was very well organized, there was enough time for fruitful discussions with every company we met. We must also reiterate the very good job done with the matching prior to the event. This was essential for making sure there was no wasted time in the sessions.” - Quidgest (Rita Marinhas, Business Analyst)