Our CEO's message

Dear Friends,
As we approach the end of this year 2020, I think we are all hopeful that 2021 will be a year with new beginnings for all of us. With the vaccine for the pandemic now on the horizon and our ability to adapt to the new normal – we as global citizens have done our best through the pandemic that rocked 2020.
At GBI, I am grateful to our wonderful team who have braved the pandemic and adapted to operating in a totally new and unprecedented situation with such rigor and zeal so we can continue to grow, develop and offer the best support services to our customers and partners.
Our customers have been more like our partners over the years.  So to our partners -  who have continued to believe in us – thank you for your patience as we moved all services online. In many ways, we found this more efficient, but we all did miss meeting each other physically and the camaraderie and fun we have when we meet and work together physically.

We have had many accomplishments in 2020 thanks to you. You have witnessed and been a part of our journey through this newsletter, social media, and website. When GBI embarked on the journey 11 years ago of scaling tech access and deployment for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we made a plan that can only be accomplished if we did continuous and consistent actions with well-aligned partners. When our goals matched we have been able to deliver impactful results for our communities, ecosystems, and projects. Creating real impact, new tech deployments, giving business opportunities to more innovators to new markets, handholding support, bridging ecosystems, and stakeholder engagement have been the cornerstones of our day to day lives. In these times of uncertainty, your partnership has remained solid and uplifting.  
2021 now stands ahead of us and from the plans, we have made together, I am looking forward to multiplying results for all our stakeholders, improve lives and livelihoods, bring more joy and opportunities
Finally- my heart goes out to all our family, colleagues, and friends who have suffered through this pandemic and for the loved ones we have lost this year. I cannot imagine we had to go through a year like this and thanks a lot for your humanity, kindness, hard work, and time to share each other’s feelings when we interacted.
Hope you are enjoying this newsletter and this has been useful for you. I would welcome any feedback and feel free to contact me directly to start new discussions at [email protected]
With best wishes for the Xmas Season, have you a restful year-end and Happy New Year 2021 Beginnings,