Opportunity for a short term (assignment) for distribution power engineer / expert

Job Purpose

GBI is looking for 2(two) distribution power engineers with 8-10 years’ experience for a 6-month assignment. Independent experts that fit the below mentioned profile may apply to [email protected] by the 16th of December 2019

Duties and responsibilities

 The scope of consulting services will include but not limited to the following:

  • Data collection from field, substations and tariff points.
  • Conduct necessary engineering analysis including optimum load flow on DPDC’s network using internationally reputed software.
  • Determine optimum sizes and locations for installation of capacitor banks to achieve desired power factor (p.f.) of 0.95 at 132kV, 33 kV and 11 kV voltage level.
  • Find out fault level MVA at various substations at 132 KV, 33 KV and 11 kV voltage level.
  • Study the impact of added MVAR in reducing technical losses of the distribution network of DPDC.
  • Conduct Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) for capacitor bank project in DPDC network to achieve p.f. 0.95 at 132kV, 33 kV and 11 kV voltage level.
  • Study the effect of harmonic injection due to capacitor switching and recommend for adoption of appropriate technology/solution to overcome the challenges for installation of capacitor bank in DPDC network.
  • Carry out necessary technical and financial analysis of available methods for power factor improvement and perform associated social, economic & environmental implications.
  • Prepare detail design, drawing and technical specification of capacitor bank along with associated equipments, bill of materials, estimated cost and international tender document for the project.
  • Prepare an operation and maintenance guideline of capacitor banks to ensure smooth operation and increase longevity of equipment’s.


  • Experience of consulting services for Power sector’s overseas projects in similar working conditions like Bangladesh​​
  • Experience of consulting services for power factor improvement projects/technical loss reduction projects/similar projects in power system utility.
  • Minimum graduate degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering with expertise in the relevant fields to carry out the proposed consulting services


Bangladesh/ India

To apply:

Candidates with relevant profiles to submit CV along with cover letter to Harsha Lingam, COO, GBI at: [email protected]