India-Europe Digital Collaboration Networking Session

Virtual digital networking event: Connect with the Indian Digital IT eco-system to transform businesses

Date: 23rd and 24th February 2021 - 10:00 CET to 12:30 CET

EEN- India GBI, has partnered with National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) to build an India - Europe digital transformation networking platform to promote partnerships between EU technology, manufacturing, engineering and R&D companies with Indian digital tech companies for collaboration. These will be virtual B2b networking events (no registration fees) to promote India-Europe Digital Cooperation and support European companies interact with experts from leading Indian IT companies from the digital space and have curated B2B meetings.

COVID-19 pandemic has shattered economies & businesses worldwide however we have also seen how businesses that have innovated and adopted technology are able to tide through this era of contactless delivery / operations. Digitalization has found a new meaning because of the pandemic; it is being embraced by more sectors. It has become imperative to accelerate digital investments in response to evolving customer needs, use new data and AI to improve business operations, modernize technology capabilities to boost development velocity, and increase organizational agility to deliver quickly. According to a report pre-COVID from SAP, 84% of companies regard digital transformation as crucial, yet only 3% have actually finished a company-wide effort. So this is an opportune time for businesses to focus on their digitisation and transformation needs. Businesses which are adapting to this change are more likely to succeed in the new digital paradigm even in the post-COVID-19 era in new normal.

India is a leading destination for delivery of digital services. 70-75% of global digitally skilled resources (~680K) are based out of India in FY 2019. The country is a hotbed for digital innovation with a rich ecosystem comprising service providers, tech providers and start-ups engaging in global delivery, investing in Digital IP / solutions, and creating Centre of Excellence (CoE). 

Who can participate – from Europe:
Large multinational organizations, SMEs, small companies from Automotive, Mobility, Industrial, Manufacturing, Logistics, and other related sectors.  

Who will participate – from India:
The Indian companies with expertise in digital sectors like - Engineering and R&D (includes Industry 4.0, PES, Embedded systems), AI, IoT, M2M, SAAS, Blockchain, Software Development, Big Data Management, Automation, etc. and will include the large companies, established SMEs and startups. 

Event details: 23rd and 24th February 2021 - 10:00 CET to 12:30 CET

·         European companies can share their requirements for technology collaborations using this form 

·         We will then curate B2b meetings with 4-5 established Indian technology companies 

·         The profiles of the Indian companies and their expertise shall be shared prior to the Digital Networking Sessions

·         Refer to the following  link for the format.

·         Last date for registrations is 12th Feburary 2021